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A dental habit is a repetitive behavior or action that can have negative effects on the teeth and mouth. Some common dental habits include thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, nail biting, and teeth grinding.

Why Breaking Certain Habits is Important?

Breaking certain habits is important because it can prevent or reduce the risk of oral and dental problems, such as misaligned teeth, jaw pain, and tooth decay. Dental habits can also cause changes in the shape and size of the mouth and face.


Appliances for Breaking Habits:

There are various types of appliances available for breaking habits. These appliances can be fixed or removable, and are designed to address specific habits.


Fixed Appliances:

  • Fixed tongue thrusting
  • Fixed thumb sucking
  • Fixed tongue crib with T.P.A.
  • Lip bumper-soldered


Removable Appliances:

  • Lip bumper
  • Thumb sucking appliance
  • Tongue thrusting appliance
  • Blue grass appliance (removable tongue trainer)
  • Anti snoring device
  • Night guard


These appliances work by creating a physical barrier or discomfort, discouraging the individual from continuing the habit. It is important to use the correct appliance and to follow the instructions and recommendations of the dentist to achieve the best results.

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